I'm a writer/interviewer/videomaker—which is all to say that I tell interesting stories about interesting people, whether on TV, in print, or on the internet. I'm especially focused on representing the underrepresented whenever I can. Queers/POCs/women/etc. to the front.

I host the BRIC TV show 112BK, which you can catch three times a week on local New York cable, as a podcast, or on YouTube.

I write for Playboy, Bon Appétit, Vice, and Paper, among others. My sweet spot is the intersection of food/beverage and culture.

I’ve made videos for Human Rights Watch, the Ford Foundation, and GOOD Magazine. I’ve won a Webby, produced feature documentaries in the humid heartland of China and the humid wilds of Alaska, and screened at the Centre Pompidou.

Currently I'm based in Brooklyn, but I'm just as likely to be in San Francisco or Paris or somewhere else entirely. Interested in collaborating? Talking shop? Adding me to one of those recipe exchange email chains? Hit me up at mackenziefegan at gmail.

Chatting about queerness with The Babadook.

Chatting about queerness with The Babadook.